The Value of the Community for the Modern Population

There can be no doubt that as mankind has progressed technologically, politically and economically, that local communities have suffered leading to deprived areas which has resulted in lots of derelict property for sale. This is especially relevant to the western world, where regions no longer have what used to be termed a ‘ local community '.

With the modern world pushing us forward, is there any value left in the community? Or is a community a thing of the past? With every individual and family living in their own private bubble? Let us explore some of the benefit of rekindling the community in this short article below.

•  Raised moral standards – In the past, aside from the law, local people were judged by their local peers. Anonymity was impossible, everybody knew everybody and there were very few secrets that could be kept in these kinds of close knit communities. This leads directly to a rise in moral standards; shame becomes the punishment as the community collectively points its finger at the perpetrator.

•  Constant care – How many stories do we hear in the community about old or sick people dying alone in their home and not being discovered for days, sometimes weeks? In this day and age people are often alone, without interaction with other human beings for extended periods of time. A resurgence of communities would cause people to care for their neighbours more, instead of shunning them to avoid having to help them.